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Six Sigma Certification & Training

An organization always need a process to grow and develop to enhance the business techniques so as to gain profit in the end. Enhancing the quality of the end product completely depends upon the efficiency of the employees of the organization. This efficiency includes knowledge of advanced technologies, much better decision making qualities, much better team work capability and methods to grow business at higher levels. All these qualities should be there in the employees in a technical way because after all , an employee has to put all these in a proper process. So to learn and put these essentials in a desired manner, one needs to learn this and that is all about the six sigma certification.

Six sigma Certification is a course which is now has become the essential part of any business organization for its employees. A person with Six Sigma Certification is always the first choice to employ for any company. If an organization wants to improve its profit scales, it makes this course mandatory for all its employees. This shows the importance of this certification.

Following are the reasons for why one should go for six sigma certification.

  • Learn the process and errors and try to remove them
  • Learn latest technologies that can be implemented in the business matters(Kaizen , Poka yoke etc. are such tools)
  • Learn to enhance the process making necessary changes that leads to better product
  • Learn to improve the gross profit
  • Finally results in high standard status in the industry and acceptability

Six Sigma Certification is achieved at different levels.

  • Yellow Belt( 3 months )
  • Green Belt( 3 months )
  • Black Belt( 6 months )
  • Master Black Belt.( 6 months )
  • Lean Six Sigma Certification( 12 months )

Person has to go for yellow belt and then only he can qualify for the next level. There is a prescribed course at every level and after that person has to give a written test to qualify that level. The course is conducted by many organizations now a days so person need to verify the authenticity of it first. Many companies conduct this course in the office itself for its employees to enhance the working process.

Now a days six sigma certification is essential for any organization to develop and sustain in the industry. This course can brings out the best of the employees and thus much better manufacturing and business process and at last the overall growth of the company.

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