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Learn Six Sigma Certification to Boost Your Career !!

Want to upgrade your career ? If yes, then just decide to undergo one of the Six Sigma Certifications which can provide you cutting edge over other professionals. Six Sigma Certifications are of many types and you can opt for the one which is highly suitable for you. The list of various Six Sigma Certification is as below:-

Six Sigma Champion

  • Basic certification
  • Deals in the theory of Six Sigma Management

Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Holders of this certification works part time on the projects
  • They can also act as a team member of the complex projects

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • The holders of this certification have already passed the Green Belt certification exam

Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Works as a full time improvement leader who is not supposed to be an expert in this process but definitely needs to have passion for systems and statistics theory
  • He should have a keen sense of the ways to manage meetings successfully

Six Sigma Brown Belt

  • A Green belt holder is the one who has passed the certification exam of Black Belt but has not completed his 2nd Six Sigma project

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

  • This certification holder performs a leadership role as a Six Sigma process keeper as well as advisors to executives.
  • The holder of this certification is reagarded as a change agent, facilitator, leader and technical expert

Holding any of these certifications will really help you in your career and provide you real exposure in real job scenarios. Hence if you rate these certifications highly and need to enroll into one, then opt for your preferred Six Sigma Certification instantly to achive a new high in your career.

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