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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Six Sigma is a management course that includes learning about management strategies in order to manage and increase the business productivity and profit. This is a certification program having few levels in the form of color belts. This certification is either provided by the coaching institutes or by the company itself where the person is employed to enhance his qualifications. A person can achieve Black Belt in six Sigma after achieving Yellow and then Green Belt. This is the highest level of this course.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Requirements
  • Person has to pass 15 online examinations with 70 % or higher score
  • One Black Belt project completion
  • And the program is completed within a year. It may be extended on request though.
The managements skills addressed during this certification are :
  • In depth study of Analysis Phase, Improve and Design Phase and Control and Verify phase.
  • Analysis of Sources of variation
  • Aspects of profitable production
  • Ways to decrease the defects
  • Managing financial strategies
  • Improving current process in all aspects
  • Overall quality management
Person looking for Black Belt Six Sigma can get his training from only a Black Belt master of Six Sigma. He can be from any institution or within the company. More and more employers are looking forward to train their employees for Six Sigma Black Belt certification and many people looking for opportunities in business and management are looking forward to have this certification. This is so because there are many benefits of this course for the person and to the company.
  • Enhance all the analytical skills required for business and thus beneficial for company as well as the person.
  • Having this certification means the person knows how to reduce cost, reduce risk and streamline business process.
  • Better team work and better partnerships and employee satisfaction.
  • For organization , it leads to customer satisfaction and  loyalty.
The six sigma black belt certification can also be done online. This certification will surely enhance the management skills of person or employees of the company and thus increase the productivity and profit of the company.

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